Knowledge is Power. Shared knowledge improves results.

Two Part Power for"no surprises" MACRA

Part 1: Clinic Concierge Experts

We meet with your member clinics about MACRA. For some clients, we do this weekly. For others it is monthly. But in all cases you see the results in real time.

The result is that we help and coach each clinic on what they need to do, and what they need to know, and what is the result of their actions on everyone. 


Our clients value our ability to analyze their situation, and provide concise, actionable insight into what they need to do next. 

Part 2: MACRA Monitor's ACO Peer Review Dashboard captures, evaluates, and communicates MACRA content throughout the year, so everyone can pitch in to improve MCS and Medicare Reimbursement timely enough to make a difference. And just to make it easier, our Concierge service can easily be your proxy in supporting your clinics.  

Just imagine, what it would be like, if every clinic in your ACO could understand their financial and operational achievements, compared against the targets you set!  

Part 3: Financial Analyses - know the MACRA-side financial impact of your decisions to take on a new glide path under the 2019 ACO regulations.  Our software analyzes for you the impact of Advanced APM (two-sided risk) vs Options A,B, and C, and compares those options to what would happen to Medicare Revenues for all your clinics by exiting the ACO program altogether.  

MACRA dollars Matter, too

For most of your providers, MACRA will be as big as ... or even bigger than ... your ACO level shared savings or losses.  And providers assume "the ACO takes care of that for us".  

Managing Shared Savings Risk is your main job.  Managing MACRA is our job.  

Outsourcing MACRA (or even simply supplementing your capabilities)  to us is a cost-effective way to take care of your providers on MACRA, so all your best resources can focus on doing what you do best.  


Download free calculator to compare Shared savings to MACRA

QPP Data Integration

Have you had to work with the CMS QPP Eligibility Inquiry tool?  The good news is that it works easily (all you need to do is type in an NPI), and it is truly definitive for each provider's TIN alignment, MIPS eligibility and ACO relationship.  

The bad news is that you have to enter every NPI, then manually record the results in a spreadsheet. Then manipulate the spreadsheet for defining how to process each provider.  MACRA Monitor has a much better way, that automates as much of the process as CMS will allow.  Ask your Concierge for a demonstration! 

aco's need monthly macra optimization


You can't optimize MACRA at Year End

Improving MACRA Metrics comes from a regular program, throughout the year.  We get started as soon as a full month's data is available, and follow a regimen of extract, report, analyze and plan and act for every month thereafter.