Knowledge is Power. Shared knowledge improves results.

Two Part Power for"no surprises" MACRA


Part 1: Clinic Concierge Experts

We meet with your member clinics about MACRA. For some clients, we do this weekly. For others it is monthly. But in all cases you see the results in real time.

The result is that we help and coach each clinic on what they need to do, and what they need to know, and what is the result of their actions on everyone. 


Our clients value our ability to analyze their situation, and provide concise, actionable insight into what they need to do next. 

Part 2: MACRA Monitor's ACO Peer Review Dashboard captures, evaluates, and communicates MACRA content throughout the year, so everyone can pitch in to improve MCS and Medicare Reimbursement timely enough to make a difference. And just to make it easier, our Concierge service can easily be your proxy in supporting your clinics.  

Just imagine, what it would be like, if every clinic in your ACO could understand their financial and operational achievements, compared against the targets you set!  

MACRA is our Main Event

 In many ACOs, member clinics are blind to the impact of their own MACRA performance.  Since every clinic tracks adn submits half of their MACRA data independently of everyone else, MIPS Composite Score (MCS) might not be available until months after the close of the year.  That's not a good scenario for creating improvement! 

Take a look at how we do it here.  Download the free powerpoint deck  we use with our community clinics to describe to them what is expected (and not!):

Download free physician Engagement Template