Optimize CQM Scores with Measurement, LEAN, and Workflows

Included in every MACRA Monitor Subscription*

The case for Improving CQMs

Whether you are a small primary practice clinic, or a thousand-provider ACO, you need to submit good quality scores.  

Under QPP / MACRA, under ACO Regulations, and even under Medicare Advantage, providers with higher quality scores make more money.  And  very, very soon the "buying public" will be incorporating Quality scores into their decisions.  (For an interesting view of that near future, watch this You Tube piece on Medicare's "Physician Compare" site.  Starting at about minute 2:01 you will see how MACRA and ACO based CQMs are about to enter the dialogue).  

How we Improve CQMs

MACRA Monitor analyzes your quality scores with a powerful combination of easy monitoring, comparative statistics and Concierge support. 

 LEAN-based CQM Improvement finds and remediates workflow shortfalls and process improvements.    

To bring you the most solid industry-recognized processes, we partner with Purdue University and the Purdue Healthcare Advisors team.  This team has applied LEAN disciplines to Clinical Quality Measure improvement - and we include it in every MACRA Monitor subscription.  You can't get this anywhere else! 

*Subscriptions of 100 or more providers

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You can't optimize MACRA at Year End

 Improving MACRA Metrics comes from a regular program, throughout the year.  We get started as soon as a full month's data is available, and follow a regimen of extract, report, analyze and plan and act for every month thereafter.