Super-charge your software with Macra monitor!

Don't get distracted from your core mission

Improve Interoperability.  Streamline clinical workflows.  Enhance pop health drilldown to patient and physician.  Optimize patient portals ... These and all else about delivering patient care is your core mission, right? But ...  none of this is part of the thousands of pages of MACRA!  

Face it.  MACRA is complex.  Each year, CMS publishes several hundred pages of regulations - on top of the thousands of pages that already exist.  


You customers are physicians and other clinical providers.  Our customers are regulatory compliance staff.  Shouldn't you be focusing all your best resources on your best customers?  

When you partner with MACRA Monitor, we'll take care of managing your clients' compliance and reimbursement with software and a team of on-call experts.  We will be the visible tip of your MACRA iceberg, while you focus on your core details.

Why build something incredibly complex, that changes every year, and is very visible?

We use QRDA3 exports, that you probably already generate, to create sophisticated analyses, to define and support MACRA strategies, to islolate providers and TINs needing MACRA support and even automate data submission / response cycles ... then we actually provide personal support with top-level  MACRA experts.  

You have worked hard at earning your customers' trust and confidence.  Let us help you take it to the next level.   

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Increase your MACRA Competitiveness - simplify optimized physician reimbursement


  • MACRA Monitor software directly integrated and branded as your product
  • Powerful Financial modelling
  • Support for Targeted Review management
  • Eliminate Data Entry
  • Analysis of MACRA alternatives to optimize each year’s unique rules
  • Annual archive of submission detail by provider
  • Integration with CMS and PECOS data
  • Integrate Registry / QCDR /EHR / CMS data all in one place
  • For small practices, remove the mystery and simplify what needs to be done
  • For large practices, organize complex TIN / NPI and even ACO content
  • Leverage and supplement your own MACRA capabilities