do Macra monthly!

What might happen if your providers saw you manage MACRA monthly?

There is no real reason to wait for year end to "do MACRA".  All it takes is some reporting from your EHR, presented and analyzed in a useful way.  Even in an  ACO, MACRA Revenues are as significant as are MSSP Shared Savings, so it just makes sense to incorporate MACRA into an overall  provider relations program, regardless of whether your clinic is standalone, part of a large IDN, or even part of an ACO.  

Most EHRs today generate accurate and comprehensive QRDA3 files for PI and CQM.  But QRDA3 files alone do not make for good dashboard and analytical tools - they are primarily a submission tool.  

Our Monthly MACRA process analyzes those QRDA3 files -the very same format and content that will be submitted at year end.  Our Concierge Team will help reconcile your ongoing EHR data with the CMS QPP data site, with PECOS and even with CMS historic billing databases.  

The result is a financially-driven analysis of which providers and provider types need what kind of help.  With greater difficulty in 2019 for Promoting Interoperability scoring rules, new EHR, tougher quality benchmarks, and higher thresholds for success, your competitors won't be waiting until year end to "do MACRA".