The MACRA Concierge

Our Concierge is your Expert Colleague


Face it.  The MACRA Regulations are a complicated Beast, and you don't have time to dig through the details for answers to your questions.    Our Concierge staff gives defensible answers with specific supporting citations from official sources.  Give us a call to resolve issues like:

  • If I have an ACO, will all my providers be covered? 
  • What do I need to do with my Meaningful Use? 
  • How do I decide between Advanced APM and MIPS? 
  • What are my financial implications? 

Every question is answered with the regulatory citations that will withstand audit scrutiny to better defend your attestation

Be efficient.  Have us spend the hours you would otherwise need to ... we research the Regulations for the precise citations that will answer your thorniest questions.  


Included in Every Subscription

Our MACRA Guru Concierge service is available as part of every software subscription.


  • Need us to submit your MACRA data? No problem. 
  • Want help figuring out who to include? We do that with you.  
  • How about analyzing the difference between EHR and Registry Submission?  We are independent of both EHR and Registry, so we help make the best choice for you, not for the vendor.  

We can replace your regulatory consultants, conduct all research, and even intercede with CMS / QPP on your behalf.  Our software helps make our concierge team great, but each concierge reads each year's Federal Register.  Do you do that? 

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Software + Concierge

Best of Both Worlds

Since we are independent of EHR and Registry offerings, we are in a unique position to identify, configure and submit your very best MACRA options.  We often blend from multiple offerings, which really fine-tunes your result! 

Tools and Consulting Combined - Always.


Not even the very best tools stand alone.  And not even the very best consultants can organize and optimize complex data.  We believe your needs include both consulting and software thoroughly integrated.   

Your Concierge is always available, for help with any MACRA tasks.  Our software integrates with any EHR and any Registry, to give you the Best of Both Worlds.