Super-charge your CEHRT with Macra monitor!

Who needs it? (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, eClinical Works- almost all others)

Face it.  MACRA is complex.  Each year, CMS publishes several hundred (or even thousands) of pages of regulations - on top of the thousands of pages that already exist.  

Physicians and other clinical providers buy EHR and CQM software for clinical use - not for fast-moving regulatory compliance.  Our customers are regulatory compliance staff.  We make your EHR support your regulatory staff as well as it supports clinicians. 

We really like the iceberg analogy for MACRA.  Of course the patient and physician level data ... the biggest volume of work ... is what EHRs do.  But the part above the surface is the part CMS uses to determine reimbursement adjustments.  And we do that part incredibly well, using the core of what your EHR  already does.  

When you partner with MACRA Monitor, we'll take care of managing compliance and reimbursement with software and a team of on-call experts.  

If you expect EHR to re-write their software every year for MACRA, you would spend a fortune on it.

We use the QRDA3 exports, that your tools probably already generate, to create sophisticated analyses, to define and support MACRA strategies, to islolate providers and TINs needing MACRA support ... then we actually provide that support with top-level experts.  

We help make you happier with your EHR / Registry.  It really is very easy when we partner.  

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Increase your MACRA Competitiveness - simplify optimized physician reimbursement


  • MACRA Monitor software directly with your products
  • Powerful Financial modelling
  • Support for Targeted Review management
  • Eliminate Data Entry
  • Analysis of MACRA alternatives to optimize each year’s unique rules
  • Annual archive of submission detail by provider
  • Integration with CMS and PECOS data
  • Integrate Registry / QCDR /EHR / CMS data all in one place
  • For small practices, remove the mystery and simplify what needs to be done
  • For large practices, organize complex TIN / NPI and even ACO content
  • Leverage and supplement your own MACRA capabilities

Software + Concierge

Best of Both Worlds

Because we are independent of EHR and Registry offerings, we are in a unique position to identify, configure and submit your very best MACRA options.  We often blend from multiple offerings, which really fine-tunes your result!  

Tools and Consulting Combined - Always

 Not even the very best tools stand alone.  And not even the very best consultants can organize and optimize complex data.  We believe your needs include both consulting and software thoroughly integrated.   

Your Concierge is always available, for help with any MACRA tasks.  Our software integrates with any EHR and any Registry, to give you the Best of Both Worlds.