MACRA Is worth more each year

Are you getting your share of MACRA?   

Adding "G Codes" on CMS  bills was good for 2017, but in 2019 makes no money for you or your providers.  To compensate,  this year your clients are paying good fees to someone else.

What if you had the ability to tap into a $100 - $600 per provider annual revenue stream ?  

RCM Case Study

We recently partnered with a large RCM firm to take MACRA to the next level.  At that level, they will increase RCM revenue, add new revenue-generating products, and increase competitiveness in new client acquisition.  Take a look ... 

New MACRA Revenue Opportunities for RCM firms

Improved Medicare Collections


MACRA has not resulted in big Medicare increments - yet.  But as "transitional rules" phase out, top performers  can earn up to an additional 19%.  It may take a while to achieve this level, but you can help!   And when your customers get paid more, so do you.  

Quality Submission Revenues


With our  wonderful, creative arrangement for sharing in the revenues your providers are already paying someone else, we will save them money, while putting a little more in your pockets as well.  Maybe more than just a little. 

Gain New Clients


So, what if your next proposal included Clinical Quality Registry services, bundled in with your RCM service?  The net result is  eliminating a giant expense with a uniquely sophisticated service that other RCM companies can't touch.  

How We Help

CQR Revenue Sharing


We will share our Registry Revenues with you.  

The sharing rate will depend on your level of coding, and your own system sophistication.  Give us a call to come up with this powerful competitive weapon.  

Monthly MACRA Optimization


MACRA won't always be easy.  By law, starting in 2022 half of the providers in the country will be penalized - and between now and then CMS is gradually phasing in rules designed to increase the penalty pool.  We will help you to interact with your clients on a regular schedule - monthly if you like - to review their metrics, find shortfalls, and recommend mitigations.  

Full-Range MACRA Guru Services


If you could dedicate one of your smartest people full time to absorbing the thousands of pages of MACRA regulations, you still wouldn't have the depth of experience our team gains.  We support hospital based providers, radiologists, family practitioners and even ACOs in MACRA, all day long.  And our team's expertise becomes your team's expertise.  

360 Degree MACRA: CMS Integration


Did you know that CMS expects you to reconcile your entire provider population against their MIPS database - twice each year?  We do that task for you.  Our automated integration ties together PECOS, QPP, your systems and CMS  

360 Degree MACRA: Submission


When we work with your providers throughout the year with our Monthly MACRA Optimization, year end is a snap.  We automatically submit all your TINs, on time and accurately.  

360 Degree MACRA: CMS Feedback


You might be shocked to find that CMS makes mistakes in MACRA scoring.  Our automated systems query CMS after submission to pull in MACRA scores, compare them to what you expected, and flag anomolies for Directed Review.  Closing the loop makes money.