Web-based Security Risk Assessment

SRA is Included in MACRA Monitor Subscriptions

Reduce or eliminate the cost of SRA Consulting

Each MACRA Monitor subscription (of 100 or more providers) includes multiple instances of exciting new SRA Software that will thrill your Security Staff, and help your budget, too.  

Whether you do SRA's internally, or with outside help, our SRA tool set will reduce the level of effort, improve documentation, and clarify action items.  

Our product is more than just software.  We support the tools with knowledgeable SRA staff - so much so that some organizations will be able to conduct their own SRA!  


included in our monthly MACRA Program!


You can't optimize MACRA at Year End

Improving MACRA Metrics comes from a regular program, throughout the year.  We get started as soon as a full month's data is available, and follow a regimen of extract, report, analyze and plan and act for every month thereafter.