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But there is an easier way to read, navigate, search and annotate.   The "native" Federal Register is the source of truth you can use in every case, but is hard to use.  

We enhanced each QPP / MACRA and ACO Federal Register

Study more efficiently.  Research questions more quickly.  Provide incontrovertible support for your positions on MACRA. 

Our table of contents is fully indented so that you can easily find relevant sections for your study and research.  Each section is clickable.  

The body contains highlighting that maps to the TOC.  We also highlight important sections for CMS final decisions (as opposed to comment and response), or sections where we have used citations to answer questions for our customers and friends.  

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Enhanced MIPS Federal Register Versions

2019 MACRA Final Rule

Published November 23, 2018.  Effective as of 1/1/2019, with more rigorous scoring rules. 

Download Annotated 2019 Final Rule

2018 MACRA Final Rule

Published November 16, 2017. Effective as of 1/1/2018, with some features activated retroactively to 2017.

Download Annotated 2018 Final Rule

2017 Final Rule

Published November 4, 2016.  Still relevant as the original source for the vast majority of MACRA rules.  

Download Annotated 2017 Final Rule

2019 ACO Final Rule

Existential regulations are new for 2019.  When deciding on the biggest decisions your ACO will ever make, don't rely on heresay.  Download our annotated version and jump immediately to the important citations. 

Download 2019 ACO Final Rule

2015 ONC CEHRT Final Rule

This is the definitive source for what is required in Stage 3 / 2015 CEHRT Software.  

Download Annotated 2015 CEHRT Final Rule