Unwinding an ACO

macra Safety net for your providers

Closing an ACO Increases provider need for MACRA support

 According to CMS, taking on two-sided risk is not for everybody  - but the 2019 ACO contract renewal process requires some ACOs to either do so, or shut down.  If your ACO decides not to embrace two-sided risk, we can provide a responsible MACRA transition for all providers, including non-owned affiliate clinics.  

One place we can help is with MACRA Support.  When your physicians joined your ACO, one of the benefits they understood was that the ACO would take care of their MACRA needs.  MACRA Monitor's ACO Replacement program takes over these duties as a diligent and responsible MACRA expert, with the infrastructure, expertise and staffing that will keep your providers at the top of the list, even as MACRA requirements become more impactful and rigorous.  The program inlcudes:

So lets coordinate calendars ... we have some thoughts on what to do.  We can even provide you a board-level presentation that will show a responsible transition plan for all your MACRA providers.  


A Strategy to unwind

Preparing a responsible overall transition plan

Once the decision has been made to not renew your MSSP contract, we an help create, and even manage a timeline of transitional events that you can share with your board and all your members.  A reasonable timeline should include:

  • Inventory of all responsibilities to Provider Members, and when they will expire
  • For each responsibility, a statement of how it will be covered during the transition, and after
  • Staffing model that allows staff to pursue other opportunities, while back-filling and job shifting as critical people leave

For further information, call 414-640-2817, or coordinate calendars here, and we'll set up a web meeting.  


offer your providers a Monthly Macra program


You can't optimize MACRA at Year-End

 Improving MACRA Metrics comes from a regular program, throughout the year.  We get started as soon as a full month's data is available, and follow a regimen of extract, report, analyze and plan and act for every month thereafter.