Our Concierge is an equal partner in your MACRA Success All Year Long

 Face it.  The MACRA Regulations are a complicated Beast, and things get tougher, and more impactful  in 2019 than anyone has experienced yet.  Our Expert Software is a game-changer.  But we believe you need more than just great software.  Our Concierge staff reads every page of each relevant regulation, and applies the results as we work with you.  
We don't simply provide free education under a government grant.  We take responsibility for making sure each TIN and each EC optimizes their MACRA score.  We meet with each TIN, individually where necessary, and in groups where possible.   Our Concierge team is responsible for:


Be efficient.  Have us spend the hours you would otherwise need to.

Concierge as a Subscription

 Our MACRA Guru Concierge service is offered as a subscription.   

  • Need us to submit your MACRA data? No problem. 
  • Want help figuring out who to include? We do that with you.  
  • How about analyzing the difference between EHR and Registry Submission?  We collaborate with EHR and Registry, so we help make the best choice for you, not for the vendor.  

We can replace your regulatory consultants, conduct all research, and even intercede with CMS / QPP on your behalf.  Our software helps make our concierge team great, but each concierge reads each year's Federal Register.  Do you do that?  

Let's coordinate calendars!

Concierge is key to our monthly macra program


You can't optimize MACRA at Year End

 Improving MACRA Metrics comes from a regular program, throughout the year.  We get started as soon as a full month's data is available, and follow a regimen of extract, report, analyze and plan and act for every month thereafter.