MACRA and a small practice office

We listened. Smaller offices have the same needs as a large IDN for MACRA assistance but not the same resource pool. Resources cost money; often times exceeding the budget of your office. This is a scalable tool, designed to meet your practice needs.   

We define a small practice as any office 49 ECs and under. Whether your office is just you or if it is your small practice group, we can help. We offer the same software and services  to you as we do to the large practices including MACRA Monitor and your very own concierge to help with questions.  And we do it all for you.  By outsourcing  MACRA to a knowledgeable team, you free up your valuable office staff or yourself. 

Pricing is based on your office size.  For example, a four EC office is just $1,800  per year.  

Take 30 minutes to see how we can help. A small investment for a large return.