MACRA and a small practice office

CMS Believes you can improve your scores

Source data compiled from CMS dated January and here are results for their definition of Small Practice (1-15 providers) for 2017 submission. The results are always two years behind for Medicare B payment adjustment calculation. It clearly demonstrates 43,046 or 54.6% of the small practice offices can improve their scores to a positive payment adjustment! And this is only for office up to 15 providers – our Small Practice Program is for offices up to 49 providers.

Are you where you want to be?

Small practices are often resource strapped with the ‘MACRA’ person having multiple job responsibilities. Consider having your own concierge service there to help. Let us assist with analysis and submission, verifying your CMS reimbursement from 2017 and potentially improving your scores. 

This is a scalable tool based on the size of your practice. A four EC office is only $1,800 per year and a subscription service. There are optional services if you like, such as an easy to use self-directed Security Risk Analysis. By outsourcing  MACRA to a knowledgeable team, you free up your valuable resources and time. 

Do you know someone we could help? Please contact me or forward to them.   Click here to view CMS downloads on national provider experience.