Macra monitor software makes us more efficient

Who needs it? (Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, eClinical Works) - almost everyone

Your EHR can't submit MACRA data directly to CMS.  In fact, it can be hard to even analyze your MACRA data in meaningful ways.  That's why MACRA Monitor subscribers get better reimbursements, with less manpower. 

Physicians buy EHR for patient care - not for fast-moving regulatory compliance.  Managing MACRA, from a physician point of view, should be a by-product.  We find that even the best EHRs only keep up with MACRA at the superficial level of creating numerator / denominator values, and honestly - those rules don't change much.    

CMS publishes hundreds of pages of new MACRA rules each year.  We rely on EHR to do the numerator and denominator work, and we do all the rest of those hundreds of pages.  


MACRA Monitor EHR Plugin

MACRA Monitor is a cloud-based tool that connects to your EHR with no local software needed.  Our enhanced reporting and sophisticated MACRA Concierge team take you to the next level - beyond simple numerator / denominator content.  

Whether your EHR is sophisticated enough to create QRDA3 output, a simple spreadsheet, or just a PDF - connecting to us simplifies connecting to CMS. 

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MACRA Monitor Software


Automated Data submission

With MACRA Monitor there is no need to manually submit or upload data via EIDM.  We provide an automated streaming API directly to CMS, with automated response and tracking at  the level of TIN, Provider, MIPS Category and Measure. 

MACRA Financial Projections

We automatically query CMS for Medicare billing and payment history for each provider.  Then we apply statutory minimum / maximum expectations based on each year's MACRA rules, adjusted for estimated CMS Scaling Factors.  We then set budgets that tie together operational performance with financial performance.  Finally, as we accumulate PI, CQM, Cost and CPIA data throughout the year, MACRA Monitor displays actual financial results against these budgets. 

Provider Dashboards and Scorecards

MACRA Monitor's excellent dashboards integrate financial performance with MACRA operational performance in uniquely powerful models.   We flag individuals, TINs and customizable groupings against operational targets throughout the year, and provide potent provider communication tools that clearly share the impact of performance. 

Analysis of Alternatives

As MACRA Monitor tracks actual performance data through the year, you will have instant visibility into which submission models (Group / Individual, EHR / Registry, ACO / Advanced APM / Standalone) earns the greatest MACRA reimbursment.  

Physician Compare / Review and Correction Cycle Management

Sumbission is not the end of your MACA Season!  CMS ultimately will echo back their understanding of your submissions, and give you the chance to agree, or to submit data for further review.  MACRA monitor gives provider groups tools to manage the overall process.  

Complex TIN and Provider Organization Management

No one tracks complex organizations like MACRA Monitor!  Our tools incorporate not only TIN dashboarding, but also  identify the key workflow steps that keep track of progress across  complex TIN strucutres.  

Software + Concierge

Best of Both Worlds

Because we are independent of EHR and Registry offerings, we are in a unique position to identify, configure and submit your very best MACRA options.  We often blend from multiple offerings, which really fine-tunes your result!  

Tools and Consulting Combined - Always

 Not even the very best tools stand alone.  And not even the very best consultants can organize and optimize complex data.  We believe your needs include both consulting and software thoroughly integrated.   

Your Concierge is always available, for help with any MACRA tasks.  Our software integrates with any EHR and any Registry, to give you the Best of Both Worlds.  

monthly macra optimization - streamlined


You can't optimize MACRA at Year End

 Improving MACRA Metrics comes from a regular program, throughout the year.  We get started as soon as a full month's data is available, and follow a regimen of extract, report, analyze and plan and act for every month thereafter.