MACRA Monitor

Like Vitamin Supplements for your EHR

(and your Registry, too)


We make core software a heck of a lot better for MACRA!

When you consider the  range of financial outcomes and complicated entity types ... ... Is this  really a job for spreadsheets?   Or your EHR?  Or even your QCDR?  

Our MIPS API connects your EHR with CMS for data submission, reconciles your EHR with PECOS, assembles data from the Quality Program Portal APIs and optimizes your MACRA scores.  Under the broader MACRA API, we evaluate your providers against your ACO's Participation list to identify which providers CMS deems to be in and out of an Advanced APM, or MIPS APM.  

MACRA can be complicated.  Let us simplify it for you with integrated regulations, MIPS API and MACRA API, tied into your EHR and Registry  to optimize your MIPS scores for the best possible Medicare Reimbursement. 

Powerful MACRA Add-on capabilities for EHR and Registry

  • Financial Management
  • Submission Management
  • Score Management
  • Complex Organization Management
  • Integration Management
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Perpetual MACRA Concierge